Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another $4 Goodwill find

I found this Secretary box and just fell in love with it. I just knew I would throw some mod podge on it. Here is the finished project. I used vintage wall paper. Tammy White and her mother were very kind to share with us in Branson. I was lucky to have picked up a few sheets.


  1. Girl, I really need to go shopping with you! You find the cutest things and I love all of your ideas :)
    Thank you for becoming one of my newest followers, I so happy that you found me :)))
    Have a wonderful week and give Otta and Emma a smooch for me...they are precious!

  2. FOUR bucks? Girl, which Goodwill in St.L. do you go to? Our GW store (in Farmington) has mostly j.u.n.k.!!! Great mod podge job!!! Love your new box.

  3. These are such cool little flowers! I love that you went with wallpaper on the box too. Very cute!

  4. You're a gal after my own heart! I've gotten some good deals at my local Thrift Shop, too. You can see some of them on my blog:-

    I'll be showcasing, soon, one of my "best finds". :-)