Saturday, March 20, 2010

Very excited to share with you my new organized paper and my clutter free desk. Woo Hoo It has taken a very long time to get my desk clutter free. Must confess Andrea, my local crafting buddy was coming over to craft. She needed a space for her cricut and laptop. That was my incentive to get my space cleaned up. We crafted on Thursday and my hard work was appreciated.


  1. Really great space! I became a follower and looking forward to seeing more.

    If you're feelin' adventurous, check out my space at:-
    Click on "craft space" and it will take you there. Warning:- it's a bit messy! lol

  2. Holy paper stacks Bat Girl! Not that I can talk, I just have mine hidden.. Do you label the outside of the stacks so you know which to grab?
    :) Natasha