Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween Witches Shoe

Here is a shoe I made from a template from a Craft Magazine. I took the template to Office Max to enlarge it. It was a fun project to make. I'm going to wrap the shoe in cello and put a big orange bow on it. It will be my mom's Halloween gift.

I also made a cute Halloween ornament from 2 wooden spools, wire, and beads. I'm going to use it for a Ceiling Fan chain pull. I love decorating for Halloween. I think almost as much as Christmas. The ornament is hanging from the shoe in the first photo.


  1. Laurie, that's too cute! Does it come in a size 6 1/2? lol!

  2. I just love making these witches shoes. Yours are adorable. :)

  3. Aren't these the cutest? I mad e these for some friends for Halloween last year. Your paper is so much nicer, though!

  4. Laurie I am a shoe fanatic! My daughter game me a little charm for my keychain that says "got shoes?" I love it. I've been looking at paper shoes on UTube for some time but can't seem to get my head wrapped around how to make them. Do you still have the magazine of the pattern? I'd love to try my hand at it!
    Cathy aka dog-ear